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The Vape Jet is an automatic vape cartridge filling machine designed for highly viscous oils, while being able to handle even the thinnest of eJuice. Filling at over 500 cartridges an hour, and easily scaled by parallel operation, the Vape Jet is the perfect solution for small and large manufacturers alike.

Every machine is hand-assembled and built in Portland Oregon and carries our comprehensive warranty. Extended warranties, leasing options, and custom support / setup packages are available, and we strive to have a strong working relationship with our customers.

The Vape Jet uses a hot-air jacket around all active parts. A highly sensitive PID controller precisely maintains the temperature you set for your product at all times.

The Vape Jet uses a highly precise stepper motor operated syringe pump for dosing your product. It has extremely consistent dosing and a tolerance on heavy oils to +-.01 ml

The Vape Jet uses highly accurate yet surprisingly fast positioning motors. Depending on the viscosity of your oil, it can fill between 300 and 800 cartridges per hour.

The Vape Jet is WiFi enabled, or can be hardwired into your local network. Once on the network, you can control it from any web browser. An API providing system status, batch metrics, and operational health is available for integration for your ERP or custom software solution.

Using state of the art small-batch manufacturing techniques, we are able to offer the Vape Jet at less than half of the cost of our competition. Ongoing maintenance is simple and consumables are easily source-able and economical.

Our company is committed to providing the best customer service and support on the market. We will work with you on everything from initial setup, to custom designs, to remote troubleshooting.


Technical Specifications


Input Voltage110V-125V
Wattage200W (Idle) – 800W (Max)
Maximum Amperage8A
ReceptacleNEMA 5-15 (Type B)


Max Travel 365mm
Max Speed150 mm/sec
Repeatability / Accuracy0.078 / 0.091 mm
Max Force @33mm/sec26lb (115N)
Motor TypeNEMA-23 2.4A

Dispensing Pump

Syringe TypeHamilton 81320
Syringe Volume1ml
Syringe TerminationPTFE Luer Lock (TLL)
Syringe Fluid PathBorosilicate glass, PTFE
Syringe Sterilizable / AutoclavableYes
Needle TypeLuer Lock 12GA – 22GA (Viscosity Dependent)
Motor TypeNEMA-17 1.8A
Motor Repeatability / Accuracy0.093mm / 0.13 mm
Dispensing Resolution0.05ml – 0.1ml (Viscosity Dependent)
Dispensing Repeatability0.05ml – 0.1ml (Viscosity Dependent)
Valve Cracking Pressure<= .174 psig
Tube Type1/8” ID ¼”OD PTFE Tubing
Heater Type150W Forced Air
Heater Element Max Temp90°C

Operational Parameters

Operating conditions20°C ~ 35°C
Storage Conditions10°C ~ 45°C
Cartridges per Hour300 – 800 (Viscosity Dependent)
Run Time (100 Cartridges)7 minutes – 20 minutes (Viscosity Dependent)
Cartridge CompatibilityAny circular cartridge with more than .25mm
alignment space after needle insertion.
(CCel, 510, Etc.)
Warranty1 year limited warranty



The technical specifications contained within are given in good faith and are as accurate as possible based on current testing data. Due to a continued program of improvement these specifications may change from time to time without notice. We apologize for any inconvenience due to changes of specification or errors and omissions within this document.

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