Automatic Cartridge Filling System

The Vape Jet is a fast, low-cost, easy to operate cartridge filling machine. Using a built-in hot air delivery system, it can accuratly and repeatibly dose even the thickest of distillates. The Vape Jet can be configured to use our customized trays which will support any cartridge currently on the market. Send us the dimensions of your cartridges and we will configure your machine specifically for that size. The Vape-Jet also includes our easy-load tray system, which accepts pre-filled trays of 100 cartridges that are shipped to you in foam inserts which are compatible with the machine, eliminating the task of loading cartridges into trays.

Automatic Alignment System

Using state of the art machine vision systems, we are able to fill foam shipping trays directly without the need for transferring your cartridges into a separate tray. This system allows quick loading and unloading of the machine, as alignment is performed before every fill. Our cartridge detection algorithm can be configured to capture a wide range of cartridge profiles, and is completely user configurable. If you prefer to use pre-formed trays, the alignment system can be disabled which can increase throughput.

High Precision Electric Pump

Our fluid pump is lead-screw driven by a high torque stepper motor and pre-tensioned to deliver consistent, highly accurate dosing every time. No loud air-compressors or pressure tanks are necessary. A high quality borosilicate and PTFE gastight syringe is included which can withstand up to 200psi and dispense up to 1.1ml. Other size syringes can be adapted to the machine to fill larger or smaller cartridges. Our PID controlled heated air delivery system ensures that the entire dispensing system stays at optimal temperature without overheating and degrading product.

Every machine is hand-assembled and built in Portland Oregon and carries a 1 year warranty. Extended warranties, leasing options, and custom support / setup packages are available, and we strive to have a strong working relationship with our customers.



The Vape Jet uses a hot-air jacket around all active parts. A highly sensitive PID controller precisely maintains the temperature you set for your product at all times.

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The Vape Jet uses a highly precise servo operated syringe pump for dosing your product. It has extremely consistent dosing and a tolerance on heavy oils to +-.05ml

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The Vape Jet uses highly accurate yet surprisingly fast positioning motors. Depending on the viscosity of your oil, it can fill between 500 and 800 cartridges per hour.

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The Vape Jet is WiFi enabled, or can be hardwired into your local network. Once on the network, you can control it from any web browser. An API providing system status, batch metrics, and operational health is available for integration for your ERP or custom software solution.

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The Vape-Jet system integrates state-of-the-art machine vision capability that is one of a kind in it’s class. Alignment takes 2-3 minutes and is completely automated, allowing you to fill directly into the foam packing trays that cartridges are shipped in from the factory, saving operator hassle and time.

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Our company is committed to providing the best customer service and support on the market, and are based in Portland Oregon. We will work with you on everything from initial setup, to custom designs, to remote troubleshooting.

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Models and Pricing

10k+ Fills
Vape Jet Consumable Kit
29.99 $
Built to Order
Vape Jet MV-1
15,000 $
8 Week Lead
Onsite Install, Maintenance & Updates
5,000 $